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During 2017 the band was started by Oscar Ögren in Stockholm, Sweden. He put together some great musicians from his High School Rytmus. 

After playing a few shows around Sweden during the summer they got an opportunity to go on a tour in China. However they had no idea on what to expect. The tour resulted in a total of 35 shows and a few songs recorded.

For the rest of the year the band played around Sweden and started recording music more frequently. 


The Soul Experience was doing very intense touring during most of 2018. At one of their Stockholm shows they bumped into the Swedish artist and producer Eric Gadd who found an interest in the young soul band. 

They later went on to record a few songs with Gadd right before the summer of 2018 which was later released that year. 

That summer the band played 40 shows around Sweden playing every venue they could find. 


In the start of 2019 the band had a new adventure in front of them. After hosting their own Soul Club at Stockholm Venue Mr Voon Street Bar they had managed to bump into American producer Brady Blade who had come with the idea of recording an album in America. 

In April of 2019 the band traveled to Denver, Colorado to record their first album. The trip continued down to the South of America, more exactly New Orleans, Lousiana. Along the way they recorded various American guest players such as Shawn Amos, Eula Gibson and Mike Dillon. 

The Album is now under mixing and will be available some time soon. 

Later that same year Oscar traveled to Botswana and the Okavango Delta for recording and performing. 

Now the band is working on 4 upcoming Stockholm shows during the fall at the legendary venue Södra Teatern at Mose Backe. 

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